About us


Since 2000, we create innovative assessment, reporting and tracking solutions that are used every day by thousands of professionals worldwide to assess, analyze and promote physical literacy, health related fitness, lifelong physical activity and injury free sport better and more efficiently.


All our products are developed with considerable input from top education, health and sports-science experts. As a result, our systems are extremely simple to use, versatile, powerful and entirely customizable. Our solutions incorporates the latest research and can easily be adapted to any assessment program.

Continuous improvement

FITSTATS products are continuously enhanced upon user feedback and our engineers quickly tailor existing functionalities or develop additional features to match the highest professional requirements.

Exceptional Support Service

In addition of extensive training and support material, we’re always available to answer questions, guide you through something you haven’t done before, or fix the occasional bug. We don’t limit the amount of time you can talk to us and all inquiries are answered quickly and efficiently.

Innovative Ideas

Advanced Technology

Clear Communication

Timely Support