FITSTATS performance

Better monitoring

Faster reporting

Less paperwork

Healthier, fitter athletes

Easy to Use. Universal. Unlimited. Customizable.



Assess, measure, monitor

Collect, analyze and report athlete’ physical fitness, performance, skills and more with a single software.

Monitor training load, monotony, strain, analyze recovery, progress rates, effort and participation.

Save costs, streamline data collection, reporting by centralizing all your athletes’ data into a single secure database





Add your own assessments, questionnaires, standards/rubric. Use your own tests, standards, formulas, terminology. Customize reports and explanatory texts in seconds. Display your club/organization logo on reports and login page



Report, communicate

Generate and print, export or email reports that motivate and educate athletes, promote excellence and support coaching decisions. Generate individual and team profiles, progress charts, statistics and more. Customize your reports at anytime.

Intuitive. Effective. Affordable. Customizable

Easy to use athlete monitoring and assessment software that checks all the boxes


Monitor training load, athletes’ well-being, fitness and recovery

puce2Provide accurate, objective data to backup coaching decisions

puce2Allow you to use your own assessments, tests, questionnaires, activities, standards and terminology

puce2Collect data from athletes, quickly and easily from decentralized locations

puce2Retrieve information instantly from a single, centralized database

puce2Identify athletes’ burnout, psychosocial or eating disorders

puce2Work with a tool-set that is secure and easy-to-use from any smartphone, tablet or laptop

A Few of Our Happy Customers

FITSTATS  Performance is very helpful. Players can enter data easily, which saves me a tremendous amount of time!

—Xavier Roy, XR Performance, Montréal, QC Canada

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