FITSTATS : The Most Comprehensive Health Education and Physical Activity Promotion Tool Available Today

FITSTATS® Education is the #1 Fitness, Motor Skills, Behavior and Physical Activity Assessment and Reporting System Available Today. Available for single schools and districts of all size, FITSTATS® Education is used by thousands of educators worldwide. FitStats Education can track data from any fitness, cognitive and motor skills assessment program (FITNESSGRAM®, President's Challenge, SPARK™, NASPE, etc.) but, unlike any other, it can be customized extensively to use any custom test, formula, fitness zones, criterion-referenced standards and/or rubric scores.

With FITSTATS®Education powerful modules educators and health professionals can also track curriculum outcomes, daily physical activity, exercise minutes, exercise enjoyment, heart rate, and nutrition. FitStats also includes SPAN and Youth Risk Behavior Surveys (YRBS) and has the ability to use custom surveys at any time.

FITSTATS®Education customizable reports are great for teaching students about health and wellness, assess physical literacy and physical fitness, promote active and healthy living and engage your student’s families towards healthier lifestyles. FITSTATS® Education also includes PEP grant and State reporting.

Powerful Features

  • User friendly and accessible 24/7 using all major web browsers and mobile devices
  • Compatible with all assessment types (skill based, outcome-based, rubrics, criterion-referenced standards, percentiles, etc)
  • Works with the most popular assessment protocols and programs (NASPE, SPARK, President's Challenge, Physical Best, FITNESSGRAM®¹, CPAFLA, custom ones, etc.)
  • Automatically calculate BMI, VO2max, etc. allow the use of custom formulas in metric of U.S. units.
  • Automatically calculate Fitness Zones and Awards
  • Count exercise minutes, track daily physical activity and PA enjoyment, heart rate, nutrition, screen time and sleep time
  • Includes SPAN and Youth Risk Behavior Surveys (YRBS) and has the ability to incorporate unlimited standardized (PAQ-C/PAQ-A, Teen Health Survey, etc. ) or custom questionnaires
  • Student, class, grade, school, and multi-school reports
  • Automatically interprets results with age, grade and gender-specific criterion-referenced standards, percentiles or custom norms and standards
  • Secure access via encrypted (SSL 256 bit) connection and firewall protection
  • Data import /export capabilities
  • Import/export data from/to the most popular student information systems (PowerSchool, eSchool Plus, etc.)


  • Improves health and wellness education
  • Assesses physical literacy and physical fitness
  • Promotes active and healthy living
  • Encourages good nutrition
  • Engages families towards healthier lifestyles
  • Fights childhood obesity
  • Offers a reliable solution that meets States and PEP Grants data tracking and reporting requirements
  • Affordable for single schools as well as school districts of all size

Entirely customizable

  • Can accommodate custom tests, units and calculation formulas, custom population/grade-specific criterion-referenced standards, fitness zones, performance standards and/or rubric scores
  • Can track any test or measurement
  • Can use your terminology, explanatory text, logo and general organizational look and feel

Mobile ready

  • Real-time data entry via browser, tablets or smartphones
  • Assessment data can be entered by teachers in separate locations or uploaded from Excel files
  • Student, class, school, district or state reports can be printed from anywhere

Unmatched Reporting Capabilities

  • Produce students, classroom, school, district or state-wide meaningful fitness reports, statistics and charts for any measurement/test or protocol.
  • Professional-looking and meaningful healthy fitness, wellness, body composition or BMI reports cards
  • Numerous charts to illustrate results, report progress, measure success and promote wellness to students and parent

Student / Parent Access

  • Students can enter physical activity sessions and tests scores
  • Students/Parents can log in and access their data/reports at anytime

The best support team

  • We offer unlimited web-based, email and telephone support to all our customers.
  • We're always available to answer questions, guide you through something you haven't done before, or fix the occasional bug. We don't limit the amount of time you can talk to us. All inquiries are answered within 24 h.