FITSTATS Performance

FITSTATS Performance is the most powerful web-based fitness and performance tracking and reporting system for sports organizations of all size. It is designed for:

  • Middle and High Schools, Colleges
  • National sport organizations
  • Sports academies and performance institutes
  • Sports camps
  • Sports-science and coaching professionals

FITSTATS Performance will help you

  • Implement injury surveillance programs, identify risk of injuries
  • Identify athletes’ burnout, psychosocial or eating disorders
  • Monitor athletes’ well-being, fitness and recovery
  • Provide accurate data to backup coaching decisions
  • Monitor the effectiveness of athlete development and injury prevention programs
  • Increase athletes’ motivation by providing instant feedback
  • Collect data quickly and easily from decentralized locations
  • Retrieve information instantly from a single, centralized database
  • Analyze longitudinal data

Powerful Features

  • User friendly and accessible 24/7 using all major web browsers or mobile devices
  • Monitor athletes’ nutrition, well-being, recovery and concussions via customizable, easy to use questionnaires
  • Compatible with any type of assessment types (skill based, fitness, rubrics, criterion-referenced standards, percentiles, etc)
  • Works with the most popular fitness assessment protocols (FITNESSGRAM, etc.), allow the creation of custom tests, formulas and grading systems, to track fitness, skills, etc
  • Automatically calculate BMI, optimal weight, relative power, etc. in metric of U.S. units
  • Allow coaches, trainers and health care to rate athletes' results using customized grading scale and enter personalized recommendations and goals
  • Automatically compare results with age, sport and gender-specific customizable standards or dynamically calculated percentile ranks
  • Monitor athlete development over the years
  • Track sports injuries and illnesses as well as their causes and risk factors
  • Provide athlete/player, team, school/club and regional/national-wide reports
  • Offer raw data import /export capabilities
  • Import/export athlete's roster information from/to any database system system
  • User friendly and accessible 24/7 via secure connection using all major web browsers or mobile devices

Entirely customizable

  • Use your own custom tests, test batteries, formulas
  • Can use formulas to calculate test results (i.e: running speed, leg power, optimal weight, etc)
  • Can use any test, measurement and unit
  • Can use your own standards, terminology, explanatory text, logo and corporate look and feel

Mobile ready

  • Real-time data entry via browser or mobile devices
  • Data can be entered by coaches in separate locations
  • Individual or group reports can be printed from anywhere

Unmatched Reporting Capabilities

  • Produce athlete’s, team, club-wide or regional/national reports, statistics and charts for any measurement/test or protocol.
  • Generate professional-looking charts and reports to illustrate results, progression, identify talent, assess strength and weaknesses or measure success

Athlete / Parent Access

  • Athletes can enter their training sessions and tests scores
  • Students/Parents can log in and access their data/reports at anytime

The best support team

  • We offer web-based, email and telephone support to all our clients. We're always available to answer questions, guide you through something you haven't done before, or fix the occasional bug. We don't limit the amount of time you can talk to us. All inquiries are answered within 24 h.