Collecting, tracking and reporting wellness data efficiently has never been easier. Easy-to-use, accessible 24/7, secure and entirely customizable, FITSTATS Wellness is the most powerful and flexible software to collect, organize and analyze data. It is especially designed for

  • Fit for duty assessment programs
  • Health & wellness surveillance programs
  • Physical activity promotion programs
  • Obesity prevention programs
  • Wellness education programs
  • Research

Powerful Features

  • Compatible with all clinical/biometric screenings programs
  • Allow the collection, aggregation and tracking of employees height, weight, resting heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels (for diabetes), and blood lipid levels (e.g., cholesterol)
  • Works with any tests and health risk assessment questionnaire
  • Offers a customizable survey and nutrition tracking modules
  • Automatically provide suggestions for addressing ‘needs improvement’ results
  • Allows the self-monitoring for fruit and vegetable intake and physical activity
  • Automatic calculation of formula-based measurements such as BMI, etc.
  • Individual, group and multi-group reports
  • Powerful physical activity tracking with heart rate monitoring capability
  • Automatically interprets results with age and gender-specific criterion-referenced standards, percentiles or custom norms and standards
  • Provide personalized recommendations to participants
  • Secure access via encrypted connection
  • Data import /export capabilities
  • Easy-to-use, secure, entirely customizable, 100 % web-based application
  • Accessible via smartphones, tablets, laptops or regular PCs and Macs

Mobile ready

  • Real-time data entry via browser or mobile devices
  • Data can be entered from separate locations or uploaded from Excel files
  • Individual or group reports can be printed from anywhere
  • Participants can access their results and reports online.

Entirely customizable

  • Use your own custom surveys, measurements, units, test batteries, formulas
  • Can use your own standards, terminology, explanatory text, logo and overall look and feel

Unmatched Reporting Capabilities

  • Import/export of data in CSV or Excel format
  • Produce meaningful reports, statistics and charts for any measurement/test or protocol.
  • Generate professional-looking and meaningful individual and group reports
  • Create numerous charts to illustrate results, progression and measure success